Thursday, February 01, 2007

More pondering on women bloggers

So, here I was thinking I had noticed something about blogging that others hadn't and decided to start looking around to find out why there weren't more women bloggers. Since beginning my search around the blogspere and my first baby steps at blogging have found that I am not the only person wondering why there aren't more women doing this. AND, of course have found out that I am about two years or more behind other folks who have pondered on the same. Steve Levy, blogged about this on MSNBC, Chris Nolan asked the question and then listed 10 reasons why she thinks women don't blog. She also listed some reasons why she believes women are behind the curve on all this. Nolan's #1 on the list is that more men are techies and her #2 is that "men prefer to link to and to read men like them".

I like to read and will link to others writing about education technology, higher education, and leadership. Although, I'll look for both men and women have expertise in these areas and are articulate, but mostly will look for women bloggers who have the same interests. I suspect that as a woman I too will prefer to link to and read women like me.

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