Thursday, January 03, 2008

What the heck is a Swiki?

First time to post twice on the same day, but found a site builds a widgets called swikis and am excited about sharing the information with others. There are several kinds of swikis to use, but I wanted to play with the Video Swiki. Instructions to create the widget were easy and straightforward and voila---my Proedportal blog has a video swiki with keywords and terms I pulled out from my postings. The videos are pulled up by key word search and when you mouse over the video an extensive list of videos related to the search term is pulled up. Am having fun looking at the results and hope to learn more about how to use this unique search tool.

Check out the Social Search tool called a swiki. According to the website that provided me with mine, "swickis learn from the search behavior of a community of enthusiasts and experts, making it easy for you to quickly find what you’re looking for within a particular topic. In addition, you can easily share a swicki with others and add a swicki buzzcloud to your site or profile (“grab” a swicki), which will dynamically display the hottest searches and give you quick access to that swicki and its community."

Girls Blog more than Boys: 93% of Teens are Online

Mills (2007) reported on differences between girls and boys use of Internet. Based on the Mill's article and Pew Internet Research on Teens and Social Media it appears that girls are blogging (write) more, but boys are posting more video content. A few highlights from the Pew research data in the Mills article included:
  • 35% online teen girls blog while only 20% of the boys blog.
  • 54% of girls post photos compared to 40% of boys, but more boys than girls put videos online.
  • 28% of online teenagers have blogs compared to 19% in Pew's 2004 data.
  • 27% of teenagers have their own web pages.
  • 66% of teens protect personal information online.
  • 70% of teens use cell phones daily and cells phones are primary communication sources for 63% of them.

Follow this link to the Pew Internet & American Life Project for more information and read the Pew Internet Teens & Social Media Report pdf for complete details.

Depending on their point of view, K-12 and Higher Education faculty may find the Pew report that 2/3 of online teen are content creators exciting or disturbing news. In any event, look out here they come!