Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Teachers blog to vent, to learn

Found this information about how K-12 educators are using blogs in a recent ASCD Newsletter. According the a Houston Chronicle news article,teachers across the nation are using their own blogs to vent frustrations and defend public education, but they walk a fine line with administrators when airing school business in public is concerned. Houston Chronicle (1/29)

My foray into blogging is all about learning right now, although I may do some venting later on. In reading this article and looking at the links it provided to educator blogs I was glad to see women bloggers listed. One of the things that got me started thinking about a blog of my own was that I was not finding many women who blog about education technology, higher education, and leadership.

Am finding more and more women bloggers on topics I am interested in as I look around and will use my blog to lead others to those I find.

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