Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Where are the women bloggers?

This is a question I asked myself and men bloggers I knew a few months ago. Since then I learned that many women are blogging and on topics that I am interested in. Interestingly, a woman named Lisa Guernsey was wondering the same thing in Telling all online. It's a man's world (isn't it?),(March 2003). I had the same thought as Lisa when I started looking at the blogs in fall of 2006(Gee, am I behind the blog curve!)

As I poked around and read blogs in late 2006, I just wasn't finding the kinds of blogs on topics that I wanted to read written by women. So, I sent emails to the two Minnesota bloggers I knew, Barry Dahl and Al Essa and asked them to send me the names of women bloggers they tracked.

One of the names I got was Glenda Morgan a woman whose excellent research on course management systems informed my dissertation was blogging.It appears I am tracking Morgan again as I continue my research and look at best practice in education technology, higher education, and now blogging.

All of the bloggers above pointed me to other women bloggers and am finding others along the blogging trails, but more about that later.

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brd said...

Hi! I am a woman blogger and find your question interesting. I think that I have found a good number of interesting blogs written by women. Some that I follow write in the area of literature. Perhaps there are fewer who are interested in technology. I found your blog when following a track on electronic portfolios which is one of my interests.