Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Positive & Negative Sides of Work and Women Keynotes

On the positive side of my work life, sometimes my work involves travel and conference attendance and on Thursday, February 21, 2008, I listened to a keynote by, Julie K. Little, Ed.D., Interim Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, presented at Council of College and Military Educators (CCME) in San Francisco on Web 2.0 and Net Gen learners. CCME sessions and conversations given by military and individuals from military friendly institutions are the similar to conversations and presentations at SLOAN, MERLOT, WCET, and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI). The CCME presentations explored benefits and challenges of technologies and their effect on teaching and learning, especially those presented in online learning and via distance education. I enjoyed the strong keynotes by women leaders on higher education, education technology, and the military.

According to CCME, “it is the only National Organization for professional military educators” and while the emphasis was military, the acceptance of distance learning, conversations about accreditation and quality in online learning made me feel right at home.The CCME is a conference to attend for those in higher education who are interested in serving military students online and a great place to see women leaders in action.

On the negative side of my work life, yikes! No postings or follow-up on my plans to report on what I learned over the course of my blogging. Numerous work projects during December, January and February kept me from thinking, reflecting, or writing on anything not connected to the projects. While the pace of work will remain fast, I should now be able to push the work rather than having it push me. So will need to follow through and finish personal goals related to this blog.

Will be meeting a few of the goals connected to my blogging activities by submitting a proposal to the 2008
MINNESOTA E-LEARNING SUMMIT scheduled for May 21-22, 2008 at Normandale Community College, in Bloomington, MN.

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