Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Journal for Women in Higher Education (WIHE)

Do you know about the Women in Higher Education (WIHE) Practitioner's News Journal? I love this small jewel of a journal by Mary Dee Weninger. Weninger started this news journal to “help smart women on campus get wise about how gender affects their being successful in the male-dominated world of higher education”. The WIH invites readers to submit articles on wide range of topics. February 2008 article titles included, What Brings Career Satisfaction to Women Administrators, Women Describe Becoming Resilient through Diversity, Faculty as Classroom Leaders, The Last Laugh: What if a Woman Won Election to President.

A one year online subscription to WIHE will cost you $66, but there is a try before you buy option and visitors are allowed to sample three (3) free issues. Stats on salary and gender gap are available here and provide some food for thought, but the waaay cool thing about this site is its Job Search. WIHE posts announcements “from schools actively seeking qualified WOMEN candidates for administrative and faculty positions”. You can search by title, region, Canada, or international and then lots of positions and information is served up to the job seeker.

WIHE has a great quotes page by and for women. All were good, but these resonated with me.

Let's stop apologizing for our competence. - Zerrie Campbell

Transformational leadership feels right to women because it's not asking anything that they haven't done. - Jacquelyn M.

If they don't select you, they may not have been prepared for you. And in that case, they don't deserve you. - Maria Perez

For all women seeking to be wise or to get some wisdom, this is a resource worth looking at.

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