Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to use Second Life in Science Education &

Read about in a Lodestar Learning Web Journal article and then went to investigate and learn about another resource that lets people share videos. Snooped around the site and found an interesting video about Second Life from Colleen on how one might use different kinds of science resources available in Second Life in experiential learning environments.

The video was interesting because while things I find on Second Life are often fun to look at, they don't always provide practical resources and tips on how they might be used in education (this one does), but I digress.

So Back to, according to Digital Inspiration there are 10 Reasons Why is better than YouTube for Uploading and Sharing.

Here is a shortened version of the 10 reasons, but I encourage you to go to the detailed and easy to read article on Digital Inspiration for the comparison:

1. supports supports more video formats, including one called FLV files that uploads faster.
2. Blip does not have the time or file size limits of YouTube because of FLV.
3. People can watch videos in flash or original formats while YouTube offers only branded YouTube Player format.
4. Blip backups your videos to the Web Archives automatically.
5. allows custom thumbnails images to search that may increase the chance of your video being watched.
6. YouTube does not like it when people download their videos while makes downloading easy to do.
7. provides authors with more stats on how the video is being used rather than just the ratings, number of views, etc.
8. does not require registration for a visitor to leave a comment.
9. supports rich text formatting for video descriptions and YouTube does not.
10. Videos are not resized in

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