Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Double-Entry Blog Postings

The double entry journal, first suggested by Berthoff (1981) in the Making of Meaning is outlined in Journaling-Navigating Possible Futures by Creating Maps of Undiscovered Territory by Rex Veeder. Veeder’s (Spring 2007) narrative on how using this method in journaling can foster habits of rethinking and reflecting on one's own writing is outlined along with tips on how he uses "double-entry" to frame his journaling.

Although, Veeder’s focus is on traditional journaling if the word journal is replaced with blog his tips provide a sound method for reflection on this blog's postings. I learned of Veeder's journal article (Spring 2007 issue of Leadership: Journal for Post-Secondary Leaders) in June as I finished up my Luoma Leadership Academy work. The article focused on the idea on using journaling as practice to "move from abstract speculation and commentary to the realm of action" can be applied to blogging. I am at mid-point in my self-assigned action project and reading the article was timely. Future blog posts will include going back into early posting and using the double-entry method.

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