Sunday, June 03, 2007

More Research on Women Bloggers

Meandering my way around the blogoshpere again and looking for more research on women bloggers. Found a rich source of research this evening on a blog titled MotherPie. The author of this blog is posting a "female-centric study" and was recently awarded a Masters of Arts degree in Media Studies.

While I did not respond to the study and my blog is not a Mommy Blog I fit in with the majority of the respondents (a parent, female with children)and still recently graduated (Ph.D. in Education Technology 2005) enough to recognize and appreciate the hard work that getting a degree entails. Mother Pie's research on Female Blogging: Issues of Identity, Relations and Play is being parsed out on the blog in excerpts. I plan to keep reading excerpts until the study is posted in its entirety.

As a scholar practitioner, I am always grateful to those who research, write, and make their studies freely available on the web. Plan to read, learn, and think about how I will frame my year's journey in research and reflection some months from now. Was looking around for polling widgets, found polldaddy, went on to look for information on surveys of women bloggers, read some stuff that didn't really interest me and then MotherPie. At some point will embed a poll into this blog, but first will need to think, reflect and post. I am at midpoint in this journey the end of this month.

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MothePie said...

Thanks for the link and comments about my study!

I am publishing the last post for the study this month and then putting it out on Google Docs for general online publication. Links will be in the last post on conclusions.