Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blogging to learn and learning to blog

My initial reasons for blogging were to learn and read about other women bloggers interested in education technology, higher education and leadership, but while I have doing just that ---am finding a blog may not be just about writing. Sorting through all the tools out there that can help give a blog a personality could require some time. Flickr, Song Spots, YouTube, Wiki, were not sites that I visted or talked about much back in December. Now, in January, February and March women blog readings and daily visits to these sites and others are help me to see that finding, reading about, playing with, and integrating these technologies into my skill set may help me to express myself with more than just words.

Am enjoying the fee free education that learning how to blog is providing me. March finds me making my my way around a conference wiki, using Flickr to store, upload, and ta-da posting a slide show of a co-presented session at the ODCE conference focused on faculty perceptions of courses created by others. Next thing I plan to learn is how to post so photos, presentations, and videos are embedded in the posting and not just provided through links.

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cadh 8 said...

Educational technology and the web is in such a cool time right now. I am taking a web class to earn a certification in my field right now. I can watch the webcast of my teacher who is in another state. I see him, his power point slide show and his notes all on the screen. I can watch the class at my convenience and can email the professor at anytime...even while watching...with my questions. We have interactive sessions with co-instructors and take the tests online. I am able to take in so much more information because I am not stuck in a room with florescent lights for 5 hours straight!! I can just feel the world of higher education changing. Not that web based learning would replace traditional college settings, but the concept of the non-traditional student will be extremely expanded.

I think, too, that it will be another leap forward for women. It will become even easier to do balance family, career, and education.