Thursday, February 15, 2007

Framing this Blog and Related Writing

I had fun this first month of blogging and as a I slogged and poked around the web I learned a few things about blogging I already knew and much about blogging that I hadn't a clue!

Because I have a purpose of finding women blogging about education technology, higher education, and leadership and in answering my question about where the women bloggers are.I decided to frame this blog and the related writings in a goal setting exercise using 5 tips found today in Enterprising Women magazine. Beller (2005) wrote:

1. Having a vision is important to goal setting.

2. Writing a plan to achieve goals is needed.

3. Sharing your goals with others will keep you accountable.

4. Letting go of the outcome and trusting yourself along the way helps.

5. Enjoying one’s journey toward achieving goals and related successes is the best!

ProEdPortal Blog Goals

Vision: My vision is to learn more about a new (to me) writing medium and to connect with bloggers interested in some of the same topics that I am interested in.

Purpose: To engage in writing activities and conversations that fuel ideas for articles, writings, musings, and that help me learn new skills.

Goals: Shared goals to promote my own accountability

1. Blog for one year.

2. Create and post at least 3 blog postings per month.

a. At least one of the postings should connect to leadership.

3. Stay connected to set blog topics, e.g., reflecting on and posting my thoughts and opinions on technology, higher education, and leadership.

4. Find at least 25 women bloggers who blog on similar topics and link them to ProEdPortal.

5. Connect blogging to at least 3 professional development activities over the course of the next 12 months.

a. Conference presentation

b. Submit a paper to a journal

c. Host a webinar

6. At the end of one year reflect, summarize year’s activities in the blog, and decide whether to continue.

Outcomes and the Journey: An Action Research Project that will unfold as the year goes by.

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